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I'd like to know the model you own and how satisfied or not The complex and interconnected elements that comprise excellent sound were painstakingly identified one by one to ascertain how to systematically develop the proper notebook technologies.. Hi guys, I wanted to know if your MSI with dynaudio or THX speakers really delivers.

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After undergoing a very long process of cooperative development, Dynaudio and MSI have come up with the GX660.. Free Download MSI GE70 2PE Apache Pro Realtek HD Audio Driver 6 0 1 7349 64-bit.. All in all i was underwhelmed by it's performance, considering that it's about 2 years newer than mine, has had a professional audio group work on it, an some people hype it up to the point of claiming not to need externals.. 0 Dynaudio Msi DriversWell, keep in mind that whenever someone says that sound is 'very good/exceptional sound', they actually mean 'very good/exceptional sound for a laptop'.

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- Sound by Dynaudio for authentic fidelity Dynaudio Msi DriversMSI GT685 (GT685R) Gaming Laptop – Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium (MSI recommends upgrade to Genuine Windows® 7 Professional) – The latest 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor – Sound by Dynaudio for extreme audio performance – High-end NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 580M discrete graphics card (with GDDR5 2GB VRAM) provides great detail images quality – Exclusive TDE technology to speed up the performance – Exclusive DDR3 SO-DIMM x 4 slot design easily upgrades memory capacity – THX TruStudio Pro provides excellent surround sound effect – Latest & fastest data transfer technology USB 3.. I myself had a gx660r which everyone praises for it's audio quality I must say i was originally impressed by it, until i put it up against my acer (see sig) which i had not used without an external speaker system for quite some time.. Volume was approximately the same, with the msi being a little louder, acer had a little more 'bass' (to be read as 'low-mids') but sacrificed crispness (personally i liked my acer's sound better).

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