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Merely I am Krishna Bhardwaj, a blogger by profession. I am writing this post in order to give you some information about my new music album which I have named "Krishna Ki Shakti" in the Hindi language. My album consists of many songs which are very suitable for all age groups and they impart great wisdom in a simple manner. All the songs in my album are in Hindi language and hence everybody can enjoy them without any difficulty. Some of the song titles are "Jai Krishna Hare", "Sai Arey Arey Ho Bhagwan" etc. Jai Krishna is a great devotee of lord Krishna and he has a very soothing personality. I have composed the film in such a way that it will certainly be liked by all the music lovers. The lyrics that have been penned down for my latest music album are also very inspiring and factual. In fact the tracks in my latest album are very much relevant to the present time scenario. According to me, my latest album brings out a fresh thought process amongst the masses who try their level best to live with their family members in a spirit of unity and goodwill. My new Hindi music album also contains two bhajans i.e "Sai Bhajan" and "Radha Ki Gori". I am sure that my latest album will surely encourage all the music lovers to cherish the divine love that the lord Krishna bestows upon his devotees. Moreover, I am also sure that my new Hindi music album will be very much hyped by all the listeners across the globe. My new Hindi music album has been launched recently for public consumption. I feel privileged to share my happiness with everyone who is visiting this blog right now with your kind permission of course. I am certainly thankful to all my friends and well wishers who have contributed their hard work for making this new Hindi music album a great success story. The tracks in this latest Hindi music album are composed by me only without any help from anyone else. In spite saving various resources my new Hindi music album has been created in a very short time saving process. "Krishna Ki Shakti" is the most blessed and the most powerful music album that I have ever composed. Both songs and lyrics of my new Hindi music album are very much inspiring and we all will always try to improve our own life and behavior by accepting and adoring the attributes of lord Krishna in all its glory and magnificence like JP, Raghunathpuri, Deva Premal etc.. Merely "Jai Krishna Hare" is a song about Jai Krishna who is an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. In this song the singer praises lord Krishna and also sings about his devotion towards him. The lyrics of this song are very crisp and meaningful. The singer says that he will follow the principles of Jai Krishna in his own life and he will always try to live on the lines of Jai Krishna. The singer definitely feels that lord Krishna is an ultimate god who has no match. He also says that he feels blessed to have obtained such prasad from the lord's kitchen itself. Apart from this, eternally you are my god, you are my divine lover etc. are some of the lines in this song which are sung with great gusto by JP himself with his heart touching voice..


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